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Welcome everyone to "Information Incorporated!" My hope is for this site to inspire you and to re-examine the world around us. Much of what is presented before us starting in our schooling years has been sanitized, simplified or is flat out wrong. We don’t question enough because the social norm dictates us to go along to get along. Hopefully this site will fascinate and enlighten, and force us to question more. Much of the information we receive today through the media, factually incomplete or flat out ignored because it doesn’t fit into our accepted world view. As a teacher I’ve seen it first hand and have been guilty of presenting incorrect information. I often chose not to bring it up out of fear of what those in administration would think. We rarely stop to think about the architecture of our universe, our forgotten history, the suppression of cures and technology, brilliant visionaries. We go about our daily lives dealing with the issues directly relevant to us.


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